E-COSMOS Refrigerator Stand, Washing Machine Stand,Furniture Base Stand, Fridge Stands for Single Door and Double Door (Pack of 4) (Grey), Medium

₹150.00 INR
Final Price  : ₹150.00 INR
Product Image
Product Image
    • Multipurpose- Can Be Used for All Furniture to Prevent From Rust
    • Saves Furniture Base and Floor From Rust
    • Increases the life of your furniture
    • Multipurpose 4 pieces legs, foot or Stands Suitable for Flat Base Dressing Tables, Wooden Furniture, Steel furniture ,Book Racks & Office Filing Cabinets almirahs, wardrobes, coolers, refrigerators, washing machines, storage containers, beds etc
    • Sustains Per Set 300 Kgs
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